Black Label Blues Band

SVEN-MAGNUS "MANGE" WIRBLADH - pianos and organ
was as a matter of fact born in the late 40´s.... Oldest but newest in this band, he joined Black Label Blues Band in November 2002 as it struck old friend Edmund to ask him to do so. Back in 1957 he began to listen to Radio Luxembourg, and that really coloured his life. He has been a member of a several bands since 1963 when he entered the famous Stockhom stage Nalen. Still 40 years later he´s involved in some projects. The main group however during the years back was five piece band Stardust, where he was touring 'round half of Europe including making records and radio in UK, and seen on legendary BBC´s Top Of The Pops (19 million viewers) together with Edmund.

If you meet him in Uppsala, Sweden, it´s maybe because that´s his home area....


At the CLASSICS album he made all the recording work. All piano and organ solos he created with his feelings for these brilliant classic blues songs.

Back in the 70´s the world looked different....even in Rotherdam.



1967 these young men, Too Much, occured in the grand final of national Swedish radio pop contest.
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