A Scandinavian music profile


Edmund "Charlie" Franzén

This singing drummer is half Norwegian and half Swedish. He's got a long livelihood as a drummer. He played the blues together with the band In Crowed at home in Katrineholm in the 60's. He turned "hippie" and set up together with the Norwegian guy Esdor the duo Charlie & Esdor. They made some records in relation to the festivals of Gärdet in Stockholm in the 70's, also together with Lasse Summanen and Bo-Anders Larsson. After a period in Blueset he joined Stardust, the professional pop band. They toured half of Europe and made records and radio, and they were seen on legendary BBC´s Top Of The Pops with 19 million viewers. He's also been drumming and singing in Black Label Blues Band, the cover band Long Leg Jansson Group and the Blues-Hall-Of-Fame legend Pelle Lindström.....

He also write his own songs, and he has actually even made and played keyed fiddle.

Charlie the drummer

Black Label Blues BandCharlie and Mange with Black Label Blues Band

Charlie & Esdor, the prog hippie duo.

Elena Wolay in LIRA Music magazine about Charlie & Esdor's vinyl Grönt Är Skönt:
"....the best soundtrack of the summer, every year, with odd material released 1972, that I hereby declare as cult."