S-M WiRblad/Magnus Wir

Very experienced genuine music profile. Started to play together with Jorma Kujansuu already back in 1964 in Fellows and Too Much. 60-talsgalleriet

After the Stardust tours 1980, he took a break from the stages, but was persuaded to join a band in 1988, and then it all was like before again. He joined some different groups, and blues became a favorite style as he started to play that laid back music together with Edmund "Charlie" Franzén again and his fellows in Black Label Blues Band.

bluesBLBB from left S-M, Charlie, Cocco, Reidar and Bertil

Rain Dogs
The Uppsala group Rain Dogs make their own versions of the great songs from Dylan, Young and Cohen.

The group Mr Corduroy invited him to join with his keyboards at their latest recordings:

In 2010 he released a solo album with own ironic songs in Swedish, reflecting the Swedish society and the world at the time. The electric guitars performed by his son Alexander.

S-M is a music maker in every sense, as keyboardist, songwriter/poet, singer, record producer and audio engineer.

Magnus Wir is his short name as a singer-songwriter!