Part of the Swedish history of pop music....



Tomas Nauwelaertz de Agé

Tomas performed from early 60's in the popgroup Playmates home in hockey crazy city of Gävle. Actually one of his school mates, beside forthcoming hockey stars, was Cat Stevens.

The Playmates came back into a very long revival period from the 80's with the original members. During some gigs they were performing together with the Stardust mates Jorma and Mange.

The lead singer of Playmates, Michael Johansson, left his mates for tours as Mick of the outstanding duo Tom and Mick, as they climbed the charts with their mega hit Somebody's Taking Maria Away. Tomas joined Stardust, still called Stämbandet, in 1974.

Playmates single record

Pre Tom & Mick
from left Tomas Nauwelaertz de Agé, Sven Holmgren,
Bo Gustavsson and Michael Johansson.

The legendary music dealer Benny "Bensan" Englund at, by the time, the number one music store in Stockholm, Dieke Musik, recorded them in the store's own music studio. Mr Dieke himself was the inventor of the famous Ackuset PA systems.

red beautiful vinylRed vinyl, hip part of the 60's!

Tomas' grandfather was a musician who moved from Holland to Sweden.

During many years Tomas has been working in the music business.

Mr bass man